Pain Control

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Pain Control

Pain Control | Ann M. Damsbo Ph.D - Clinical Psychologist - Escondido, CA

When a patient is dealing with intense pain due to long term illness or injury, the psychological effects can be devastating. At Ann M. Damsbo Ph. D – Clinical Psychologist I use pain control techniques and practices created specifically for helping patients learn how to cope with pain and learn how to handle the depression they may face from it.

Pain control is highly beneficial for people who have become to feel hopeless and that lack desire to socialize or even work. Pain and long term injuries or illnesses can be devastating simply due to the fact that feeling pain is no fun, but combine that with the psychological effects of dealing with pain on a daily basis, and pain control becomes highly necessary.

At Ann M. Damsbo Ph. D – Clinical Psychologist I am practiced in providing patients in Escondido, CA with pain control care. Using my expertise in the psychological field, I am able to help you learn how to handle your pain and psychological behavior caused by pain. You can learn how to handle triggers and more with my help of relaxation training, visual imagery, emotional management and more.

Just because you are facing a difficult experience, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to get the most out of your life and at Ann M. Damsbo Ph. D – Clinical Psychologist I can guide you how. Through a series of visits at my Escondido, CA office, we will work on specialized pain control techniques that I can guarantee will help. Although pain can be a major cause for distress, when you learn how to deal with the emotional and mental strain of it, you can begin to minimize the negative effects and still live a good life. Call today to find out how you can get the pain management you need!

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