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PTSD | Ann M. Damsbo Ph.D - Clinical Psychologist - Escondido, CA

For anyone who has known a loved one with PTSD or has had to deal with it, you can understand how tiring and how devastating it can be to live with it. But all hope is not lost when you have someone who can be there to guide you through the ordeal and help you pull through.

Whether you have experienced sexual or physical abuse, have spent time on the war front, have seen horrible situations happen in front of your very eyes, have a life-threatening allergy to something as small as ant, or have a hard time dealing with a traumatic upbringing, getting PTSD therapy and treatment is very important.

At Ann M. Damsbo Ph. D – Clinical Psychologist I am highly committed to providing my patients with the best PTSD care imaginable. I know that it isn’t easy to wake up every morning and relive traumatic events in your mind. It can be difficult to go through the motions of life, whether in your social interactions or your work life. Getting the treatment you need will save your mind and your life and help you to live happier.

You can learn how to distress and change your thought processes and how you feel through cognitive processing therapy. Prolonged exposure therapy can help to teach you that you don’t have to be afraid of dealing with the emotions and feelings that accompany memories and triggers of past experiences.

At Ann M. Damsbo Ph. D – Clinical Psychologist I will carefully help you get through PTSD and come out better on the other side. If you are living in Escondido, CA and you find that you can’t handle PTSD on your own, call me and get started on the journey to an anxiety free life. Call now!

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